Band Bios 2017

Some Swell

dsc_0802favSome Swell, created in the spring of 2016, includes Neil Rosenberg (banjo, guitar and vocals), Terri Thomson Rosenberg (fiddle, guitar and vocals), and Lionel Clarke (bass, harmonica). The Rosenbergs have been playing together since 1998, when they met in the Bannerman Park Band. They have performed as Terri and Neil at bluegrass, country and folk venues in Newfoundland, USA and Europe. In 2011 they began working with The Mummers and The Paupers, a musical theatre troupe, and there met and began playing with Lionel Clarke. Some Swell presents a combination of old standards, new favorites, and a few new compositions — all with bluegrass and old-time style picking and singing.

Ryman Country

rymanClayton and Molly Kennedy have played country music for many years in bands around the eastern Avalon area on the weekend club circuit. As Ryman Country with Molly doing lead, vocals, and bass, Clayton on lead guitar and vocals, Bill Spurvey on rhythm guitar/vocals and Glen Noonan on mandolin/guitar and vocals they do a great variety of old-time country, bluegrass, and gospel tunes. They have performed at local events, festivals, and concerts, including many BOTCM society jamborees and are well received by audiences all over the area. All are active in local efforts to promote and revive old-time country and bluegrass music.


scalliwagScalliwag is a family band from Sunnyside, NL. Consisting of a father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers from the Smith family, they play a variety of bluegrass, gospel, and irish-newfoundland music and are well-known for their harmony arrangements. They have two CDs on the NL music scene: a 2006 gospel CD, “On the Sunnyside”, and a 2009 bluegrass CD, “Beneath the Willow”; selections from both CDs have been played by radio stations throughout the province. They are one of only two bands to have played at every Jamboree since the show began in 2005.